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Neo-rural Life.

Foresterie dei Piaceri Campestri has the appeal of a charming home-hotel with 10 suites, spread throughout the Borgo di Mustonate between the Bianca, Ben, Barto, Teresina and del Puntale farmsteads. The guest rooms have the innovative concept of a scattered hotel with a B&B formula. The Foresterie dei Piaceri Campestri have the great allure of proposing the traditional neo-rural Lombardy countryside decor.

Staying in the agriturismo (farm holiday) and the Foresterie dei Piaceri Campestri is an opportunity to truly experience the Borgo di Mustonate and enjoy true relaxation, fine dining and the pleasure of being in contact with nature. In fact, the Borgo offers everything you need to relax:

gourmet lunches and dinners at the Tana D’Orso restaurant; quick meals, drinks, snacks and tea at the Osteria delle Scuderie overlooking the lake in front of the horse training tracks. Or even more at the Barricaia del Puntale to taste the distinguished Rossi d’Angera spirits and the Farmer Shop to buy the best selection of local products.

You can visit the village by carriage and choose between our lodging proposals.
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