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The countryside: theatre of life.The Accademia dei piaceri campestri is designed to enhance the beauty of the Alpine foothills of Lombardy and re-discover and restore the pleasures of the countryside, not only as a place of work but also as the forgotten theatre of life that stimulates those interests expressed in noble activities like music, singing and dancing, and takes on the social function of maturing and growing in both a human and civil way.

Meetings and Events

Il Padiglione sui prati: the Accademia dei piaceri campestri has found the ideal spot in the Pavilion on the Meadows to re-discover in a natural context, sounds, emotions and flavours linked to traditions. The 20th Century-style wrought-ironwork calls to mind similar and more ancient meeting places, the guinguettes, those fixed structures that were built from the XVII Century onwards in the countryside on the outskirts of cities, in meadows or along rivers, but also in gardens and parks. The open-air Pavilion in the fields of Mustonate evokes those settings where feasts, balls, banquets were organised in the past to make the most of rural pleasures through music, dancing, food and drink.

Stables - Multi-purpose hall: situated above the stables, it houses up to 200 people and can be decorated according to requirements. Ideal for conventions, meetings and other events.

The Accademia dei piaceri campestri Programme



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