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In the heart of the land of the seven lakes. A point of reference in the life of the Borgo di Mustonate is the small church of Sant’Antonio and Santa Caterina (XVIII Century). It is open every day and holds services every Friday and in January celebrates its patron saint with the famous bonfire and the service to bless animals. Other religious places nearby are the Sacromonte of Varese and Santa Caterina del Sasso on Lake Maggiore, which is one of the seven lakes that include those of Varese, Comabbio, Monate, Lugano, Girla, Ganna and Como, which form a unique geographical setting, beloved also by cycling enthusiasts. A stone’s throw away from the Borgo is the cycle track that circles the Lake of Varese for 28 km and connects the lake to the headquarters of Palude Brabbia (the Italian Bird Protection Society) at the Oasi bird sanctuary in the marshes of Cazzago Brabbia. In the mountains, the National Park of the Campo dei Fiori borders the Oasi della Lepre Italica of Mustonate and offers a variety of footpaths that begin behind the Borgo. For those who love trekking on horseback, the first route for this, the Ippovia Varesina, has recently been created.

lepre italica

A Sanctuary for the Lepre Italica

Even the Italian hare has found a home. By respecting the environment, Mustonate has become a protected sanctuary and an ideal habitat for the hare. Every year, the farm makes a survey and monitors the mammals’ behaviour as an indication of environmental conditions. As guest of honour in the Borgo, the Lepre Italica is protected and safeguarded.



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